Stainless Steel
Specialists & Coppersmiths

Over 60 Years
Of Experience


  • Fisher Denniston/Highwick/Lockvar
  • Jayline Yunca Coils or Slabs
  • Jetmaster 700D or 800
  • Shacklock 501 Standard or Deep Fire
  • Potbelly Single Coil, Pitsburg, Klondike, Oregon, Ukon, Panorama Slab, LE2000, Gillies, Longburn Slab, Kingsman Slab
  • Griffin
  • Schooner
  • Kent Slab
  • Balmac Double Coil
  • Destructor
  • Meridian I B Majestic
  • Siesta
  • New Wonder

Besides our stock products we can, of course, custom manufacture wetbacks to your fire's specifications.