Stainless Steel
Specialists & Coppersmiths

Over 60 Years
Of Experience

Kitchen Components

We custom make these components to suit your individual requirements:

  • Stainless Steel Benches
  • Splashbacks
  • Canopies
  • Ventilation and Extractors
  • Stands
  • Brackets
  • Oven Trays

Planning Your Kitchen

When you plan to have a custom made products installed in your kitchen there are a couple of specific details to consider. Dimensions, placement of sinks, fan outlets, etc. We will also measure and weld on site, if required, to give your kitchen the perfect fit.

For example, details to consider when ordering Stainless Steel Benches include:

  • Dimensions of the Bench (left to right, front to back).
  • Upstands: Height of upstands - measurements need to be specified either overall
    (ie. from the cabinets) or from top of bench.
  • Type of fascia: bull nose, square, or a profile to your specifications)
  • Thickness of fascia.
  • Stainless Steel Finish: Polished (classic or satin) or textured linen stainless steel.
  • Anti-spills: Type of anti-spill if required.
  • Bowls/Inserts: Sizes of bowls and style of inserts
    (eg. 1.5 bowl or 1.25 bowl insert with or without drainer tray).
  • Do you require an overflow, outlets, or other accessories?
  • Tap/Water Filter Holes: Number required and positions.
  • Cutouts: Hob cutouts; number of cutouts, size of cutouts and whether the corners
    of the cutouts are radius or square.
  • Positioning of your Bench: Can the bench be positioned in one piece or
    is a site join required? No matter whats required, we will provide quality and service           that will impress.
  • What completion date would you like us to work towards?