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All building and roofing products are made to your requirements in Galvanized, Zincalume, Colour steel, Aluminum, Silver Anodised Aluminum, Bronze Aluminum, Copper or even Powder coated to your choice of colour.

Galvanised Iron 0.55mm - 3.00mm
Zincalume 0.55mm - 0.75mm
Colour Steel 0.55mm
Aluminium 0.9mm - 2mm
Copper 0.55mm - 0.9mm
Stainless Steel 0.55mm - 1.6mm

Flashing Types

An uncapped chimney is a hole in your roof! Kind of defeats the purpose of having a roof in the first place if you leave it open. 
Here are three reasons why installing a cap on your chimney is as good an idea as installing a roof on your house.

  1. An uncapped chimney is a preferred nesting place for birds and other animals.
  2. This hole in your roof is also not a one way system if it remains without cover. Rain and snow that enters your chimney leads to moisture damage and expensive repairs.
  3. Fire risk from embers and sparks that escape your chimney.

Window Flashings

Head Sill Jamb

Wall Flashings

Plasterers Flashing Weatherboard Soakers Corner Flashing
Internal Angles External Angles