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Health & Safety

Valley Industries attaches great importance to the proper management of Health, Safety and Fire related risks (hereafter referred to as 'Health and Safety'), treating them as seriously as all other of our objectives. This importance is reflected in the pro-active approach adopted to the management, planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review arrangements established under the Strategic Plan for Health and Safety, individual Policies and Procedures and Codes of Practice with detailed arrangements established in the Health and Safety Policy. It is through such arrangements that the positive effects of the Policy and the identification of any further action required will be established.

Valley Industries’ safety duties are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the relevant statutory provisions and in doing so the resources necessary to discharge such obligations are made available. Staff, customers, contractors and visitors to the Organisation premises and contractual places of work, must meet their own legal responsibilities and not do anything that may prejudice the health, safety and welfare of themselves or others and assist Valley Industries to achieve the objectives contained in its Policies and Procedures and Code of Practice documents.

In establishing this positive and progressive approach to Health and Safety, Valley Industries recognises the need for the support of staff and customers and for them to be consulted and involved in managing health and safety, particularly where allocated specific Health and Safety functions.

Information, instruction, training and support are provided to those charged with specific responsibilities for Health and Safety, and its individual Health and Safety Policies and Procedures and Codes of Practice. Training is also compulsory to all staff members and the regular assessment of all potential risks to their health and safety in order that they are able to competently recognise and manage such risks. Particular attention is paid to the minimisation of risks arising from the use of chemicals, radiation, or other harmful materials.